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Sample ImageSummer is here in earnest and the weather is perfect for going to the beach. After an interminable winter and spring, the time has come again for walking out in the sun and having a blast outdoors. There are parties and trips to the beach and holidays waiting for the individual eager for fun. Care and worry left at home, it’s time to enjoy yourself.

However, if you suffer from acne you may want to take some precautions before hitting the beach. I’m sure that skipping the summertime beach fun is simply out of the question, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to be careful about it. Many people think that exposure to the summer sun is good for their skin since it tends to burn off pimples, but prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation is not a good choice. Also, the sun simply burns the topmost layer of the face skin. It does not deal with the true causes of acne and the so-called positive effects are only temporary. This means that pimples will be back as soon as the sebum starts clogging the pores again.
The pros and cons of phototherapy Print E-mail

Active ImageThe worst nightmare of every teen-ager going through a more or less severe case of existential angst and rebellion against the system is rejection. For individuals looking for a place to fit in, rejection is the ultimate bringer of mental pain. What’s worse is that the cause of rejection can be pretty much anything, starting at the physical level and all the way up to the realm of ideals. One major cause for rejection is acne, the condition nearly all teen-agers share. They also share a desire to get rid of it and the quest for a cure.

Q: Is it ok to Sunbathe? Print E-mail

A: Sunlight has been known to cause short term improvement, however studies have shown that sunlight worsens acne long-term, due to UV damage. Its recommended that anyone suffering from acne take extra precautions such as high SPF sun block when spending time in the Sun.

UVA radiation damage is cumulative; signs of damage may not appear for years, but eventually the results of the damage you have done to your skin throughout your lifetime will show up as age spots, wrinkles, and sagginess.

UVB rays are responsible for causing sunburn, freckles, liver spots, and other surface damage to the skin. They are the greatest culprits in causing skin cancers and are responsible for contributing to cataracts and other eye damage.

In conclusion the risk of sunbathing will suffering from acne outweigh any potential benefits.

Q: Is acne is caused by diet? Print E-mail
A: The root cause of acne is not related to a person’s diet. However, control and treatment of the symptoms can be greatly helped by maintaining a balanced diet. Diets ’s relation to acne has been a topic of debate among healthcare professionals for quite some time now. Unfortunately not enough conclusive evidence has been provided for one belief to completely dispel the other. Its best to monitor your eating habits and note your skin condition on a daily habit. Some people react to spices, fatty food and sugars in different ways, you hold the key to you self to overcome acne by being aware of you choices.
Q: Why do only teens get acne? Print E-mail
A: At no age is anyone "Immune" to getting acne . It is most common to begin in the early teenage years with puberty and in many cases subsides into a persons 20's. However some sufferers find acne more emotionally damaging when it develops late in that cycle or even late in a persons their 20’s and 30’s.
Q: Is acne is just a cosmetic disease? Print E-mail
A: This is correct, while acne does affect the way people look it is not otherwise a serious threat to a person’s physical well being. Despite this fact treatment should be taken seriously as acne can result in permanent physical scarring, emotional trauma and stress. These adverse effects can last a lifetime.
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