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Active ImageThe worst nightmare of every teen-ager going through a more or less severe case of existential angst and rebellion against the system is rejection. For individuals looking for a place to fit in, rejection is the ultimate bringer of mental pain. What’s worse is that the cause of rejection can be pretty much anything, starting at the physical level and all the way up to the realm of ideals. One major cause for rejection is acne, the condition nearly all teen-agers share. They also share a desire to get rid of it and the quest for a cure.


Phototherapy is one of the less known ways of dealing with acne. The basic idea behind this approach to curing acne is derived from the fact that exposure to sunlight burns off the topmost layer of human skin and prevents the formation of new pimples. However, constant exposure to strong sunlight is likely to lead to skin cancer in the long run and also to worsen acne due to UV damage. This is why phototherapy is based on the use of artificial light, and especially intense blue or red light, generated by fluorescent lamps, LEDs or lasers. Phototherapy has been proven to decrease the number of acne-generated lesions by as much as 64-76 percent when used twice a week.

Unfortunately, phototherapy has several major drawbacks that will probably keep it from gaining widespread use. The first problem is that phototherapy is one of the most expensive acne cures. The light generating equipment is not cheap, more so for end users. The second biggest problem is that phototherapy, just like topical retinoids does not cure acne once and for all. The patient has to go through phototherapy sessions every day in order to gain a few weeks of clear skin. Phototherapy does not address the cause of clogged pores, but simply induces the skin to release free radicals that kill bacteria.

There is a better solution to your acne problem and we are glad to be in a position to recommend it. The ClearPores system is designed to keep your skin free of excess sebum, to unclog the pores and to kill bacteria, thus striking the pimples generation process in three parts at the same time. It also protects your skin throughout the day in order to avoid further breakouts. ClearPores is by far the better solution to your problems so go ahead and give it a try.

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